Jesus Christ Building Out His Website

The Internet Home Of Jesus Christ!

Welcome to, the Internet Home of Jesus Christ! Our mission is to spread Love & Joy through the teachings of Jesus and to celebrate his message in a fun and contemporary way. We believe that Jesus is not just a historical figure, but a relevant pop star for our modern times. Here, you’ll find a collection of fun Jesus swag, designed to bring a smile to your face and lift your spirits. At, we celebrate the love, compassion, and understanding embodied by Jesus Christ, and invite you to join us in spreading his message of joy to the world.

Following our mission to spread Love & Joy through the teachings of Jesus, we want to introduce you to a motto that packs a spiritual punch: “The Savior With Flava’ To Savor May Save Ya’!” You’re probably wondering, why so cheeky‽ Because we’re all about shattering the stained glass and bringing Jesus into the vibrant hues of modern life! Jesus wasn’t just a holy man; he was the life of the party—turning water into wine, remember‽

Our motto captures that dynamic spirit. It tells you that Jesus isn’t just a figure to be revered; he’s a divine presence that can jive with your day-to-day life, right down to that cup of gas station coffee you’re clutching. Faith isn’t a solemn vow; it’s a vibrant, ongoing conversation! And hey, if a Savior with that much flava’ can’t save ya’, who can‽

So come groove with us, where the biblical meets the hip, and where ancient wisdom is remixed for today’s beat. Come for the Savior, stay for the flava’ to savor. We guarantee you’ll leave with your soul’s volume turned up to eleven!